What Are Dreaded Black Triangles – and How You Can Fix Them?

You’ve heard of right triangles. You’ve heard of love triangles. If you like sci-fi, you’ve probably even heard of the Bermuda triangle. But black triangles? What are they? There’s nothing mysterious about it – and if you have really bad gum disease, you may already be familiar with them – about a third of all adults in the U.S. have them. The term “black triangles” refers to those little spaces – usually triangular shaped – formed by a tiny gap at the bases of neighboring teeth. Most often, they form as the gums around the teeth recede, one of the consequences of untreated gum disease. Chronic teeth grinding (bruxism), bone loss and shifting teeth can also cause those tiny black triangles to form, and sometimes, they form following dental implant procedures or orthodontic care.

Black triangles make your teeth look older, and that means you look older too. They also tend to make your teeth look less well-cared for. But the cosmetic issues are just part of the problem caused by black triangles: Those gaps also tend to trap food particles and provide convenient harbors for the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. And that means if you have black triangles, you need to make correcting them a top priority.

Fixing Black Triangles Between Teeth

When it comes to fixing black triangles between teeth, gum grafting is one solution. In gum grafting, small sections of gum tissue are removed from elsewhere in your mouth and “transplanted” at the bases of teeth where gum recession has occurred. Gum grafting is a type of oral surgery, and while it can be very effective, grafts don’t always “take.” Plus, depending on the extent of your problem, the cost can be high and it can take some time for the areas to heal.

In recent years, dentists have turned to another, simpler solution for fixing black triangles between teeth: dermal fillers. Now, you probably know dermal fillers in the context of wrinkles. And you’re right – these injectable fillers are used to “fill in” wrinkles and creases and plump up lips and hollowed-out areas of the face. But they can also be used to fill in the gaps between your teeth. In fact, using dermal fillers for black triangles has proven very effective – and very popular among patients.

During treatment, fillers are injected directly into the gums at the base of the triangles in precisely measured amounts. The fillers help “plump up” the gum tissue, filling in the dreaded black triangles so your teeth look healthier, your smile looks younger, and the risks of tooth decay and gum disease are reduced.

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