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Mini Dental Implants Vs. Traditional Dental Implants

About 120 million adults in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth, according to figures from the American College of Prosthodontists, leaving them exposed to bite problems, jaw pain, and an increased risk of tooth damage and decay. For years, replacing a missing tooth meant having a partial denture or a bridge, two options which, while they can help restore normal bite balance following tooth loss, still leave a lot to be desired for many people.

During the past decade or so though, all that changed as more men and women turned to dental implants for a more comfortable solution that feels, looks and “works” more like their own natural teeth. Today, dental implants are a tremendously popular option, and statistics show more than 3 million people have implants, with an additional half million implants placed each year in the U.S.

If you’re considering dental implants, you have two primary options: traditional implants or the so-called mini implants. Understanding the differences between the two can help you feel confident in the option you select so you can focus on enjoying your beautiful, new smile.

NJ Implants: Know Your Options

The biggest difference between mini implants and traditional implants is size. Overall, mini implants are about half the size of a traditional implant, and that means they can be a very good choice in patients who don’t have enough underlying bone to support a larger traditional implant. Why? Because implants attach to your jaw using special posts or screws. It makes sense that a larger implant requires a larger screw, and therefore more bone to support it. Mini implants use very narrow screws, which means they require less bone during the attachment process. Plus, they can often be placed in small or awkward areas where a traditional implant is simply too large.

Having a smaller post has another advantage: The procedure to place the implant is less invasive and usually doesn’t require surgery; in many cases, the mini implant post can be implanted through the gum tissue. That means your recovery can be faster as well.

Mini implants can also be a really good choice for anchoring loose dentures or bridges, providing far more security and stability for those devices so you feel more confident and more comfortable.

Just like most devices though, there are some drawbacks. Since they use a smaller post, mini implants generally don’t provide the same level of stability as a traditional implant with a larger post.

Dental implants in Old Bridge

While mini implants can be a great option for lots of patients, there are some cases where a full implant might be a better choice. The first step in deciding between the two options is to schedule an appointment at Empire Dental, a leading provider of dental implants in NJ. To learn more about implants as well as other options like bridges and dentures, call Empire Dental at 732-607-0909 and schedule a consultation today.

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